Early and ripe Extra Virgin Olive Oil. What is the difference between them?

It is well known that the term “Extra Virgin” is an indisputable synonym of maximum quality. For an oil to be granted this category, it is mandatory that, by regulation, certain organoleptic properties are met that are determined in a tasting panel and physicochemical requirements that are analyzed in detail in the laboratory.

Organoleptic are those notes that are distinguished more than anything through smell and taste, and we will focus on them so that you can distinguish the oils.

Once we are clear about this and we are ready to choose our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we begin to see terms on the labels such as “green oil”, “early harvest”, “mature”, “veraison”, “early”,…

But what do these terms mean? What is the difference between them?

In Ayozar Oils We help you understand them to choose well.

Green oil or early harvest

Early Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, basically, the EVOO that is collected in the first days of harvest. Hence the term “early harvesting”.

Between the end of September, October and the beginning of November - this factor will depend a lot on the harvesting area - the olive season begins. At these dates, the fruit has not yet reached the maximum point of ripeness.

Therefore, this EVOO is extracted from young olives and is characterized by having fresh and very intense nuances, smells and flavors, such as fruits harvested early or freshly cut grass. Furthermore, especially in the picual variety, there is a stinging sensation in the mouth typical of early harvest EVOOs.

It is also called “green oil” because this type of EVOO has a very characteristic green color.

By picking the green olive, a higher number of polyphenols and antioxidants are obtained, which makes it a healthier EVOO. However, because it has not yet reached the point of ripeness, the olive gives much less oil, so more kilos of olive are necessary to produce a single liter of oil.

He Early Ayozar Extra Virgin Olive Oil It is an oil with intense green fruitiness. It presents aromas of green olive, olive leaf and grass, with important fruit notes of green almond and some apple, with nuances of vegetables such as tomato and artichoke. In the mouth the green olive and olive leaf stand out, with bitter and spicy notes.

Accept the end of life maturely

Both early and mature Extra Virgin Olive Oil are top quality oils. Both are natural olive juices, obtained solely through mechanical processes.

As for the yield of the fruit, it is higher in ripe olives, which provide us with the ripe Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so fewer kilos of olives will be needed to produce the oil.

Furthermore, a ripe olive is easier to pick than a green one, so less physical effort is needed on the part of the farmers and therefore the final price of the EVOO is cheaper.

Regarding organoleptic differences, mature Extra Virgin Olive Oil finds a balance between bitterness and spiciness, presenting softer flavors. For example, if an oil presents notes of tomato when tasted, in an early oil it would generally be a greener tomato, while in a mature evoo, the tomato note would tend towards sweet. As for color, the ripe has a golden color characteristic of our liquid gold (although the color of an evoo is not a determining factor of its quality, the range of colors between a green and a ripe is usually different).

Our Ripe Extra Virgin Olive Oil It is a medium-high green fruity oil that presents aromas of grass, tomato, artichoke and almond, with notes of apple. In the mouth it has medium bitterness and spiciness.

What to use each oil for?

Regarding its culinary uses, there are big differences between an early oil and a mature one.

Experts do not recommend cooking with oil early, opting to use it raw, in order to enjoy both its aromas and flavors (“flavors”, for EVOO connoisseurs).

Therefore, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Morning It is ideal for salads, pickles, cheeses and toasts. It is the touch that makes the difference and turns a simple dish into a gourmet experience.

As for the mature, it is the undisputed king of the kitchen, since it has great versatility and is perfect for any type of dish, even fried foods and pastries.

If you want to stand out in your recipes, we recommend the use of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ayozar Familiar, a mature evoo ideal for stews, stir-fries and desserts.

It won't leave anyone indifferent!

Finally, if it is still not clear to you which one to choose, we give you a vital tip when choosing:


An EVOO is considered PREMIUM when it has won one or more awards, for which it has had to be tasted and chosen among the best EVOOs by countless expert professional tasters.

A premium EVOO is identified with the distinctive label, box or social media.

If you see that your chosen EVOO has this distinction, do not miss the opportunity and order it as soon as possible, since you will be obtaining an incomparable Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our Ayozar Temprano Extra Virgin Olive Oil has obtained the PREMIUM distinction, since it has won the GRAN MOSQUE award at the Mezquita de Córdoba 2024 awards.

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