«Here is the past that is renewed»

Family tradition

We are a team of brave women who have decided to take over a beautiful oil mill that our relatives ran. We have therefore left the city and remade our life in Castellar, a small and beautiful town in Jaén.All for the love of our parents and for privileging the usual things, the valuable ones, honoring the land and a product of exceptional quality such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This generational change also represents a commitment to value the feminine. Working women have been the silent force that has sustained the agrarian economies of many families in Jaén.

We are also committed to ending the desertification of towns, to building a direct bridge between city and countryside, making hospitality and openness our main distinctive feature and making an exchange for our fellow citizens, offering them tranquility, joy, orchards, the chimney and the very special way of life of the towns and, in return, bringing to Castellar business experience, visits from outside, contacts, training, new technologies, the most environmentally friendly improvements, the most competitive suppliers and the renewed air of cities in continuous change.

and tradition

The historical tour of our mill reflects the life and love for the olive tradition of many families. In our building, the process of converting the fruit of the olive tree that our farmers collect with so much affection, into the exquisite oil that will arrive directly at your table, takes place.

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