«Here is the past that is renewed»

Our Oil Mill

The historical route of our Mill includes the olive-growing tradition of many families: built in 1941 by Mr. Miguel Colomer, it was run from 1947 to 1988 by Mr. Froilán Albacete Segura.

In 2001, our parents began a new stage in search of excellence and moved from the center of Castellar to a beautiful building, where all the machinery was also renewed.

Today, we take over from our elders, learning from their experience and innovating with more efficient means.


We are in the town of Castellar, in the "El Condado" region, in the province of Jaén. Surrounded by an extensive sea of ​​olive trees, agricultural fields and the Sierra del Oro, Castellar has recently been awarded the title of "Magic Town".

mastery of

human team

Happy to celebrate each year the rich juice that the fruits give, our team of mill masters, highly committed, is continuously training in the latest olive trends as qualified personnel. The general manager and production manager, together with the entire team, have made an immense effort to improve the production process in the mill and select only the best olives to obtain the best olive juice for final packaging.

Brand of

rural quality

In 2012 we received the Rural Quality Mark of the Condado de Jaén, by which the Association of the European Territorial Quality Mark and the Association for Rural Development of the Region of El Condado recognize products with quality, differentiated and certified for their elaboration and production, carried out in the rural populations of our territory.

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