«Extra Virgin Olive Oil is part of our Mediterranean diet and is recognized worldwide for its magnificent flavor, high quality and exceptional properties»

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Sold in a box of 6 units

Fantastic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Superior quality gourmet ideal to enjoy raw.

Ayozar Familiar


Sold in a box of 3 units

Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil that stands out for its magnificent quality/price ratio.

Ayozar Hogar

AYOZAR HOME 2 liters

Sold in a box of 6 units

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Presented in a practical container for the home.



Sold in a box of 6 units

Fantastic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality, ideal for giving as a gift or enjoying at the table.

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We offer you boxes from previous seasons at an unbeatable price.

did you know we have biofuel? The olive bone is the biomass obtained from oil extraction. If you are interested in purchasing this type of biofuel, CALL with us.

Brand of Rural Quality

In 2012 we received the Rural Quality Mark of the Condado de Jaén, by which the Association of the European Territorial Quality Mark and the Association for Rural Development of the Region of El Condado recognize products with quality, differentiated and certified for their elaboration and production, carried out in the rural populations of our territory.
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