Salud & Sabor

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is part of our Mediterranean diet and is recognized worldwide for its great quality and exceptional properties.

Our EVOO is obtained from the picual olive that provides a higher quality due to its organoleptic qualities: it is characterized by a greater freshness that lasts for a longer time, it has more stability against oxidation and, in addition, it presents a great richness in oleic acid.

latest campaigns

The course has been beautiful in recent years. The splendid olive trees, full of beautiful and abundant fruits. If you had seen it, you would have fallen in love with the area. The collection has been very careful and the oil campaign, exceptionally good. The entire town of Castellar is happy celebrating the rich oil that the olives have given.


The results of the physicochemical analysis on the organoleptic properties of this EVOO, entrusted to the CM Europe Laboratory, confirm the beneficial properties of this excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the total content of polyphenols is more than 670 mg/Kg, it is very rich in oleic acid and it is a source of vitamin E. Thus, protects against oxidative damage and helps maintain normal cholesterol levelsin blood.

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